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EV Charging (EVSE)

Site assessments, sales, installation, testing and servicing of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE).

As EV charging specialists, we pride ourselves on a providing our customers with a comprehensive site assessment to ensure that the site suitability, safety of the electrical installation and the requirements for current and future charging are professionally implemented. We primarily install EVSE for E-Station due to their value, safety features, mobile application, aesthetics and OCPP services. We are happy to install customer supplied, NZ compliant EVSE, which we currently undertake for a number of top brands through our nationwide partners.


Installation Wiring

Additions, fault-finding, alterations, full/part re-wire, switchboard modernisation or replacement, appliance installation, automation.

We offer a range of electrical services, whether it is the replacement of a faulty switch or the full re-wire of an older residence. Many older buildings have deteriorating wiring that can become a fire hazard. Some have had numerous alterations and additions over the years that may not be electrically safe or compliant. We offer a free site assessment and quote for all installation and remedial work.



Installation of traction electric motors, drives, wiring, control equipment, programming and commissioning, testing, security and BMS integration, mechanical fitting, modernisation and de-commissioning.

With over 10 years experience installing, modernising, testing, servicing and repairing elevators - from domestic lifts through to high speed elevator groups operating in high-rise buildings, we can offer a range of advisory, technical and practical services, from installation, fault finding, repair and 3rd party technology intergration.


Electrical Vehicles (EV)

Electric Vehicle (EV) diagnostic and repair services, battery cell balancing, battery module load testing and replacement, complete battery replacement and second life applications, end of life disassembly.

With an NZ qualified technician (Level 5) in Electric Vehicle Automotive Engineering, we specialise in diagnosing problems and finding solutions for our customers. Our workshop is equipped with EV diagnostics, a 4.6t vehicle hoist, lithium battery load testing and charging equipment. We can also provide services with the repurposing of batteries for second life applications (Solar) or the growing NZ parts network.


If you have any queries or would like to discuss an upcoming project, please leave your message here or alternatively contact us at the email address below. Please arrange any visits to the Solcel office and workshop in advance.

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All About Us

Solcel Electrical is a registered limited company based in Dunedin, New Zealand. Our aim is to provide great service to our customers and offer value for money with the highest standards of safety and quality from a friendly and trustworthy team.  All work will be carried out by EWRB registered electricians with current practicing licences. Our workshop is also insured for work on electric vehicles and for the storage of batteries including Lithium Ion.

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